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GREEN GOAT MINIS HERD ESTABLISHED... The Aoyagi Kids Start their own herd!!

Those Who Have Left

Those from our farm that have moved on to other homes, or have passed away.


  Willow Blue Farm Southsea Masala  
  DOB: 1/29/16  {P=Polled}  
  Generation: 3rd  
  Sire's Sire:  
  Sire: Irm's Girl (Not) Summer Solstice {P}  
  Irm's Girl Black Strap the Pirate {P}{BE} Sire's Dam:  
  The DesJardin Sweet Air of May {BE}  
  Dam's Sire:  
  Dam: AutumnWood's Benjamin Bunny  
  Willow Blue Farm Chai Tea Dam's Dam:  
  AlyMar Dawn  

The last of my original line, Southsea Masala is a product of 5 years of love, sweat and tears. After losing her granddam, dam and sister, I am beyond happy that I still have this lovely girl. As a first freshener, I was VERY impressed with her udder- amazingly butter soft, perfect sized teats and super easy to milk out, she is producing just under 7lbs. As a second freshener, she continues to impress me with her udder and its texture. She produced some beautifully colored and conformed bucklings in 2017, and a beautiful buckling our of Gypsy King this year. Looking forward to hopefully getting a doe from her next year!

We kept a doeling, Lady Tika, from her 2019 breeding to Lavon Hayes and this beautiful Lady went with Twilight to a new home!



  Soaring Heart's Twilight Rosalie  
  DOB: 2/7/16  
  Generation: 2nd  
  Sire's Sire:  
  Sire: FCH Soaring Heart's King of Pop  
  Soaring Heart's Richard Sherman *B Sire's Dam:  
  FMCH Soaring Heart's Chantilly Lace *P  
  Dam's Sire:  
  Dam: Soaring Heart's Mickey Roonie  
  Soaring Heart's Esmee Dam's Dam:  
  Follow Me J's Bella  

Bellow is Twilight Rosalie's Dam, Dam's Dam, Sire

Her udder in 2018

I am still excited I added Wendy Valentine's of Soaring Hearts lines to my Herd; Twilight Rosalie, this beautiful and gentle sweetheart came with her little boy, and my whole family fell in love with her. She is the guardian of all the babies and cares (and tends feeds!) them all. As she likes to supplement all the other babies during the day, I allowed her to continue feeding her little wether and have had her be the "kid pen mamma" her first year; Her udder is beautiful and easy to milk out, with great rear and fore udder attachment and in 2018 she filled in more and gave us a great deal of milk. Her teat placement needs a little improvement, but this petite little doe produces and good 6 to 7lbs of milk on average.

We kept one of her beautiful Doelings from 2019, Lady Eclipse, and Twilight and her other doeling Calipso went with Masala to a new home!



  Zephyr Grove Lady Memily  
  DOB: 5/30/17 {P=Polled}  
  Generation: 4nd  
  Sire's Sire:  
  Sire: Irm's Girl (Not) Summer Solstice  
  Zephyr Grove Jester Sire's Dam:  
  Blue Oak's Pumpkin  
  Dam's Sire:  
  Dam: Echo Hill's FD Fire Cracker  
  Zephyr Grove Ginger Bug Dam's Dam:  
  Wonderful Farm Beany Baby  

I am so grateful that I connected with Jada Faye of Zephyr Grove Farm and traded for this beauty! She is amazingly gorgeous with a solid topline and lots of width and depth, and has some fantastic blood lines- I am glad to add some Blue Oak lines back into my herd! She is a first freshener this year (2018) and I look forward to seeing how she will fill out! Her 2018 little buckling was absolutely beautiful, blue eyed and polled buckskin. He initial udder as a first freshener initially was quite small, but by the end of the season her udder really came into it's own; I haven't had a doe actually *increase* her production and capacity near the middle/end of her lactation, but she did, as well as become easier to milk. I am truely looking forward to her kind in 2019, and will be retaining a doe. She may or may not be available in the Spring.

We Kept a Doeling from from her 2019 kidding by Lavon Hayes! Memily the sweet little girl went with Gypsy King to a new home! Thank you Aierana!






  Irm's Girl Bessie  
  DOB: 4/7/15 {P=Polled}  
  Generation: 3rd  
  Sire's Sire:  
  Sire: VMCH Echo Hill's Ulysses S. Grant *B  
  Green Gables Sire's Dam:  
  Grant's General Sherman*B VMCH Echo Hill's Molly O'Malley 2*P  
  Dam's Sire:  
  Dam: Irm's Girl (Not) Violets Only One Buck  
  Irm's Girl Daisy's Snowdrop {P} Dam's Dam:  
  Irm's Girl Miss Daisy {P}  

Below is Sire and Sire's Dam (photos from Carpenter Ranch)

I like to think of Bessie as short for Queen Elizabeth- Just look at the royalty her pedigree! As a first freshener, she has a beautiful high and tight udder (with amazing front attachment), butter soft and easy to milk, a beautiful top line and very good chest depth and width. She decided to foster our new buck (as they arrived at the farm the same day) and is very gentle, sweet, calm and strikingly beautiful goat. I look forward to kids this year and how her udder develops as a second freshener.

Below is Bessie's Udder as a First Freshener and a side image of her Dam, Irm's Girl Daisy's Snowdrop.

I kept two of her daughters this year, so Bessie went to a new home! She will be used in another breeding program, yay!



  Irm's Girl Duchess Marie  
  DOB: 3/25/16  {P = Polled}  
  Generation: 3rd  
  Sire's Sire:  
  Sire: Irm's Girl (Not) Louie  
  Irm's Girl (Not) Jon Boy {P} Sire's Dam:  
  Wonderful Farm Beany Baby {P}  
  Dam's Sire:  
  Dam: Green Gables Grant's General Sherman *B  
  Irm's Girl Black Beauty Dam's Dam:  
  Irm's Girls Juicy Couture  


My Beautiful Duchess Marie, 2018 will be her second freshening. She is a sweet ball of energy, fantastic mother, with a beautifully attached udder, beautiful topline and width all the way through. Milking almost 6lbs a day, with high expectations for next year! I brought her home as a doeling when I purchased Lady Godiva from MaryLisa at Slate Creek in 2016 and it has been a joy to see her grow.

I kept one of her daughters from last year, so she she went to a new home this spring along with her friend Bessie.



  Willow Blue Farm Dawn Star  
  DOB: 2/26/18 {BE}{P}  
  Generation: 4th  
  Sire's Sire:  
  Sire: AutumnWoods's Titus  
  Matzke's Gypsy King {BE} Sire's Dam:  
  Irm's Girl Gypsy {BE}  
  Dam's Sire:  
  Dam: Green Gables Grant's General Sherman *B  
  Irm's Girl Bessie {P} Dam's Dam:  
  Irm's Girl Daisy's Snowdrop {P}  


Beautiful Trifecta! Blue Eyes, Polled and Stellar bloodlines! She is a on the petite side, and was a little gangly as 4 month old, but she is really filling out.

I wanted to keep her and breed her for late spring kids, but I am seriously considering selling her as I am keeping her sister... but she is near the perfect goat...

Went with Twilight and Masala to a new home!




Willow Blue Farm Lady Chocolat

  DOB: 2/26/18  
  Generation: 3rd  
  Sire's Sire:  
  Sire: AutumnWoods's Titus  
  Matzke's Gypsy King {BE} Sire's Dam:  
  Irm's Girl Gypsy {BE}  
  Dam's Sire:  
  Dam: Echo Hill's FD Fire Cracker  
  Irm's Girl Lady Godiva Dam's Dam:  
  Hidden Creek's Lucy  


A near carbon copy of her dam, with beautiful conformation, depth and the equally or maybe even more milky genetics of her sire, I am really looking forward to her kids in the late spring. I will breeding her to Rebel Lord, with the possibility of F4 Blue Eyed and Polled genetics, and all the milk you could want.


This lovely lovely lady went with Moonsong to Kansas in 2018 due to the fires.





Willow Blue Farm Moon Song

  DOB: 3/2/18  
  Generation: 3rd  
  Sire's Sire:  
  Sire: Rose Meadow Madrone  
  Farm Chick Hill Captain Bentley Sire's Dam:  
  Rose Meadow Ivy  
  Dam's Sire:  
  Dam: Moon Light Gavin  
  Laz E Acre's La-Di-Da *P Dam's Dam:  
  B-52's Jane Doe  

A red copy of her dam, with even more beautiful conformation, depth and frosting- Born on the full moon, her name is an ode to the moon, her mother's name and her near famous Grandsire, Moon Light Gavin. I can't get enough of her face... those ears, that nose! I am really looking forward to her kids in the late spring. I will breeding her to Rebel Lord, with the possibility of F4 Blue Eyed and Polled genetics, and all the milk you could want.

Due to the Fires in 2018, this little girl Went out east to Kansas!




  Matzke's Gypsy King  
  DOB: 2/27/17  
  Generation: 3rd  {BE= Blue Eyed}  
  Sire's Sire:  
  Sire: Paradise Cowboy  
  Autumn Wood's Titus Sire's Dam:  
  AutumnWood's Faline  
  Dam's Sire:  
  Dam: Walnut Hill Charlie Schaplin  
  Irm's Girl Gypsy {Blue Eyed} Dam's Dam:  
  Irm's Girl Heidi {BE}  

Bellow: Faline's Udder (Sire's Dam), Gypsy's Udder (Dam) and Gypsy King's Blue Eyes!

I am so in love with Gypsy King and his Dam, Gypsy. Beautiful ears, Beautiful Eyes, and LOTS of milk. Gypsy is known to throw triplets and quads and able to feed them all AND give upwards of 4 to 6 pounds of milk. When milked, she gives 9 to 12 pounds of milk easily. Faline and Gypsy's udders are both beautifully attached AND butter soft and easy to milk.. AND those ladies are built to last! Gypsy is 6+ years old and still going strong, with fantastic rumen action and thriftiness that she passed onto her boy. Gypsy King is handsome as he is a ble eyed charmer, convicing one of my does to foster him when he came here as a bottle baby! I am so happy with his 2018 kids, and although he is taking a break for the 2019 season, he is available for stud service, rental, or possible for sale for this season.

He went with Memily to a new home



  Willow Blue Farm Butte Madrone    
  DOB: 2/28/18  
  Generation: 6th PUREBRED  
  Sire's Sire:  
  Sire: Rose Meadow Madrone  
  Farm Chick Captain Bentley Sire's Dam:  
  Rose Meadow Ivy  
  Dam's Sire:  
  Dam: GG Grant's General Sherman *B  
  Carpenter Ranch Montana Molly 2*P Dam's Dam:  
  Rocking Goat Cinnamon  

Molly and Bentley gave me drop dead gorgeous bucklings this year. Willow Blue Farm Butte Buckeye went to Rockin Roan Acres in Oregon, while this little boy is staying here for the meantime.. I am still thinking about selling him or his sire, but it is a hard choice.

He will be breeding few of this year's doelings late this year, and can't wait to see the conformation and color he throws!