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NEW 2019 Lambs & Kids!

GREEN GOAT MINIS HERD ESTABLISHED... The Aoyagi Kids Start their own herd!!

Welcome to Willow Blue Farm!

AO(OW) - YA - GI = Origin of a Name

Willow Blue Farm's name is derived from our family name: AOYAGI (青柳:あおやぎ) The kanji characters by themselves mean BLUE (青:あお:AO, In this context a shade of green or blue) and WILLOW (柳:やなぎ:YANAGI, Meaning Willow).

Our Hobby Farm was established in 2011. Located just north of Chico, CA on 3.5 acres, situated in orchard country, it was a diamond in the rough (really rough). We started our with 6 hens, one rooster (Kazoo!), and inherited way too many feral barn cats. Seven years and a LOT of work later, we have whittled the original mass of cats down to one sweet cat and her gift of four sweet kittens (now cats).. and a whole mess of other animals.

A biodynamic farm with 1/10 acre famly garden, 1/4 acre tiered orchard, two 1/4 acre irrigated pastures, two dryland/seasonal pastures (one 1/4 acre and the other almost a 1/2 acre), a large, 300+ft mixed species hedge, six 150+ year old towering black walnut trees, plus many other trees and shrubs for food and animal habitat, and various other blended multipurpose areas.

Currently we have a herd of Double Registered (MDGA and TMGR) Mini-Nubian Goats, which, after some major heartbreak and turnover in the last two years, is growing into a beautiful and productive herd!

We have a small flock of Registered Shetland sheep; A small sounder of Registered AGH (American Guinea Hogs) Pigs; A flock of ducks and chickens and a gaggle of geese (with some Guinea Hens and Turkeys thrown in for their bug eating and musical traits); two dogs and afformentioned cats.. and all the wild birds, snakes, toads, squirrels and other wild animals that are charmed and protected by our portion of bliss.

We are now up to four daughters, ages 11 through 2, that help out greatly with the day to day animal care and feeding. They (and their mother) are still working on how to keep the house clean though....

Introducing Our 2019 Mini-Nubian Breeding Plan!